The Jewish Professionals Institute is part of the Non-Profit Sector. It generally does not charge a fee for any of its services. Rather, it depends on all the resources by which non-profit organizations are supported. The JPI needs the support of philanthropically-minded people whether they give small amounts or large, it all helps to support our teaching and administrative staff of running an organization. The JPI cannot do it on its own but needs constant contributions to keep it going.

Support Jewish continuity! We always have to face great challenges! Your help is crucial!

JPI needs you!

Please print this page and fill in the contribution from the following table.
Then call in or fax this information.

Friend of JPI ___ $18 ___ $36 ___ $72 ___Other
Sponser of a Class ___$100 ___ $250 ___ $360 ___ Other
A Guest Lecturer ___ $500 ___ $750 ___ $1,000 ___ Other
Dedication In Memory of a
Loved One
___ $1,800 ___ $3,600 ___ $5,000 ___ Other
Master Builder ___ $2,500 ___ $5,000 ___ $10,000 ___ Other
Jewish Continuity Endowment ___ $15,000 ___ $20,000 ___ $25,000 ___ Other
Other ___ We welcome your gift no matter how small or large!

Tax deductible contributions of any amount should be sent to:

Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin

Jewish Professionals Institute,
1638 East 21st Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11210-5038
Tel: 718-382-8058; Fax: 718-382-3508

rudomin @ jpi.org

Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin and family
P.S. I am enclosing letters of reference. We need your help, please!
Yitschak and Z'hava Rudomin and family

Go To: Orthodox Union (OU) Letter of Reference
Go To: Torah Umesorah Letter of Reference

Thank you for your interest and generosity!

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