I came from the Soviet Union and I have been living in New York City for the past 14 years. I did not receive any formal or for that matter any other kind of Jewish education and not for the lack of desire. When I came to the United States I was overwhelmed by the huge and colorful Jewish community in Boro Park. I lived in that neighborhood for the first 2 years and after I got married I moved to Queens where my husband grew up.

I started going to the synagogue but because I couldn't read or understand any of the prayers I always felt very uncomfortable being there .... an outsider.

I wanted very much to find a person or a school, to help me become Jewish in the true sense of the word.

A person will consider herself fortunate if once in a lifetime she will meet a Rabbi who will take you and your knowledge for what it is (or is not) and work with you building you up, teach you very patiently CHUMASH, PIRKEI AVOT, PARSHA OF THE WEEK, etc. Encouraging any and all questions (no matter how stupid it seems to the individual).

Well, I consider myself that fortunate person when I met Rabbi Rudomin. He is an extraordinary person. I have never met a person so enthusiastic and dedicated to helping people like me.

I have attended the Rabbi's lectures four times per week for the past ten months and look forward to attending the next day's sessions with great anticipation and I feel great disappointment when for some reason I could not attend.

For almost an entire year I have steadily progressed in my quest for understanding of Jewish history, culture, ritual and worship. As I grew in understanding and knowledge I was able to discuss things about Judaism with my husband that I could never do before. There had been this gap between us for - 11 years because he had a Yeshiva education and I did not. Now my increased understanding has brought us closer together than ever before.

Thanks to Rabbi Rudomin's help I go to shul every Shabbos, I can read Hebrew and with the Rabbi's help I can discuss the Parsha of the week with my husband George and my 11 year old daughter Jennifer. I feel great!!! I found out what it means to be a JEW!!

Last Purim my family joined other families visiting Rabbi Rudomin's home for the festive Purim meal. My husband, my daughter and I were enveloped by the warmth of a true Jewish home in the tradition of our forefather AVRAHAM. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Rudomin opened their home and their hearts to all who walked in the door. Young and old, religious and not so religious were welcomed equally with open arms. Such a humble home of such extraordinarily rich Jewish souls as Rabbi and Rebbetzin Rudomin were given over with all their hearts and all their worldly means to their guests. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience to meet people like this who can influence so many people to turn back toward Judaism and its rich traditions!!

Rabbi Rudomin's compensation must be maintained at a dignified level so he can continue his focus on his holy work and not worry about finding work in another field.

In conclusion, we the undersigned thank you and all the people in your organization, for the wonderful opportunity you gave us to grow in Judaism!

Please continue in this Holy work as you have done in the past and do all in your power to keep the Lunch Hour Program in the Wall Street area open and keep Rabbi Rudomin on your staff. He is too valuable a person to Judaism to lose if he had to find a job in the business world. Do all in your power to provide him with an income that will allow him to continue his work.

May Hashem bless all of you and all in your organization in your holy work.


Erika Srolovits
Edward Lukishker
Baruch Falkovsky

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